Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fire Safety and Prevention Week

This week is Fire Safety and Prevention week. Our class has been learning how to stay safe in fires and how to prevent them. We have been reading lots of stories to learn about fires, firefighters, and fire trucks. The class has also been having lessons on what we should do in a fire and what we should not do to keep safe. During the past week and a half we have also been doing a variety of "fire" crafts. As a class we did a fire drill to teach the kids what would happen if there were a fire in the school. After we got done with the drill we asked the students if they have a house fire plan, many of the students said they did not. Please take a little time to talk or come up with a fire escape plan with your child, make sure to include a family meeting spot. A practice home fire drill would also be very beneficial.  Along with learning in the classroom we got the awesome experience to see firefighters and fire trucks; the threes went to the fire stations and the fours went to South Winn to explore.

Our 3 Year Old Class Visits the Fire Station

Learning to Crawl in a Fire
Checking out the Fire Truck

The firefighters let us try on their hats, they were heavy!

4 Year Old Class Visits the Fire Trucks at South Winn

Trying on the Masks the Firefighters Wear

And...their FAVORITE part, spraying the hose! :) 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dr. Seuss Week

This week in honor of Dr. Seuss Birthday we read some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books, Practiced rhyming words, made pattern Cat in the Hat Kabobs, made hats, graphed and counted goldfish, made and tried green eggs and ham, and had a special visitor! It was a very busy fun week!

The Cat in the Hat came to visit and celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday with us! He even brought the party games!!
Spelling Cat in the Hat. These preschoolers are SOOO smart!

Listening for words in the book that are on their sheet!
Cat in the Hat Kabobs. Grapes,
bananas and strawberries! 


Green Eggs and Ham

We cut up the ham.

Ms. Nicole broke the eggs (13 of them). 
We whisked it together!!
Ms. Nicole cooked them on the very hot pan and...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Preschool Wish List

For those interested in donating to our classroom. Here are a few items we would like to have in our classroom!

Scale to for the children to weigh things

Scotch Tape (we went through a lot in Santa's workshop!)

Doll beds/pack in plays

Thanks in advance and to all those who have already donated!

Friday, November 22, 2013


The past two weeks we have been studying the first Thanksgiving, Pilgrims and Native Americans! We have also been working hard on our Handwriting without Tears Curriculum. Next week we will continue to learn about what it means to be thankful!
We have also opened two new centers in our classroom, one is Writing Around the Room and the other is the computer center. When the students write around they room, they put their shape on the back of the mini clipboard, walk around the room, and copy words they see in their environment. The students have enjoyed educational games on the Starfall website as well as, the PBS kids website!
"Teacher, this is as tall as me on the chair."

Handwriting without Tears. Identifying little line, big line, little curve and big curve.

Practicing our letters on Starfall. "Look at those cute little kittens. They sound the same."

Building with our cup blocks!

WOW! That is big!
Two adorable Pilgrims came to visit our classroom! Bringing corn husks for dolls and pumpkin pie!
This is the size of the Mayflower. We decided there wasn't nearly enough room to play or sleep on the boat.
Native American Landon is preparing the Thanksgiving feast for his Pilgrim friends.

Making Teepees in the art center!

Husking corn and pulling the kernels off the ear for cooking and planting!

Writing around the room!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween and Pumpkin Fun

Cleaning out and carving the pumpkins.

Making the pumpkin a Jack-o-Lantern at the easel!

Painting pumpkins at different stages of growth "They are small and green and then turn orange while on the vine."

Figuring out the bill at the pumpkin shop. How much will the cost be for this many seeds?

Weighing the pumpkins. They cost per pound in our pumpkin shop! He has one jack-o-lantern and one full pumpkin. Which one do you think weighed less?
"Teacher, I am the scale! The green bucket is heavier and will cost more money!"

Making a prediction: Does the pumpkin weigh more or less then I do?

Then we had to weigh ourselves!

Then we had to weigh the pumpkin! Parker, "How many pounds does the pumpkin weigh?"
The pumpkin weighs 32 lbs, just like our friend Annie does!

We read the book "Pumpkin Jack." We are making our pumpkin into Jack.. 

Taking Jack to the garden so we can watch him change with the seasons!  Ask your child what we are thinking Jack will do through the winter and in the spring.

Jack made it safely into the garden.
 Jack is already starting to change. We will check on him through the winter and spring. We will also be journaling our observations!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fire Prevention and Safety!

"When you hear the siren you have to go FAST!"

This week is Fire Prevention week. The fire truck will be arriving to DeSales School around 9am today! Thank you to the Ossian Fire Department for coming to visit. Watch for pictures from this visit soon!  This week we practiced our fire escape and bus evacuation. Please practice you escape route at home and have a meeting place!

We have added many new things to our day in preschool. We are busy working on our Handwriting without Tears projects. This week we learned how to hold our crayons! "Thumb is bent, pointer points to the point, and tall man uses his side. Tuck and take the other two for a ride." You may hear your child singing this song at home, it is a very catchy tune!

We opened up our listening center. Only one preschooler can be at the center at a time, so we have sign up for turn. The students really enjoy this center, we always have a waiting list.

In our dramatic play center, we have added babies, bottles, diapers, etc. The students have really enjoyed this center. The students are learning how to "care" for the babies!

We have a new doll house out to practice, "Get out and Stay out!"

Thank you to Emersyn for donating a big pumpkin from your pumpkin patch. This pumpkin was grown from the seeds she brought home from preschool last fall! We have been measuring how tall it is and the distance around the pumpkin using blocks! We have also added some details to our pumpkin.

Painting a "fire picture!"

Sign up for the Listening Center...

Sorting objects by what letter sound they begin with!

Putting the fire out on the second story. "You have to use a ladder"

Fire Fighter to the rescue.
"Turn on the sirens. We have to go fast"

Helping people get out of the fire, by dropping the ladder to them!
How many blocks tall is that pumpkin?
How many blocks does it take to go around this pumpkin? The boys are also adding some features to this pumpkin!

15 blocks is higher then our pumpkin!